A Few Evening Updates

-Valentine’s Day dinner
-My home remedy for cellulite
-New domain & hosting site


I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day! My day was nice and lax-just the way I like it.

I made dinner for hubby and Little Man. We had garlic peppercorn pork tenderloin, steamed mixed veggies with fresh Parmesan cheese and crescent rolls. It was awfully tasty (:

For dessert we had Betty Crocker Warm Delights Minis.

Today I tried that “home-remedy” to reduce cellulite. First off let me say, it is VERY messy! It took about 15 minutes to was out the bathtub and it feels like I’m rubbing sand onto my legs.

I rubbed the “concoction” onto my legs for 2 minutes in an upward motion. I’m not 100% it worked, but the olive oil made my legs feel and look nice lol. I have found another way of using the concoction and will be trying it sometime this week.

Here is the link I found for the one I will try later on…

One last thing before I go for the night.
I have been talking with some other amazing bloggers and tomorrow I will be doing the final steps in getting my own domain and hosting site. I have never done this before so I don’t know when it will take place or anything so please bear with me. And, as I know more I will update you all.
I will be available all day for questions if you email me. Again my email is angela.myownlittleworld@gmail.com

Thank you all and good night!

The Day That Keeps On Giving <3

Today is Valentine’s Day, a day that my husband gets to spend Godly amounts of money on cheap chocolate that sits in the fridge and teddy bears that end up in  my son’s closet.

This year was a little different. He bought me a new stand mixer (we had an unfortunate event with my Kitchen-Aide one), a cute outfit from Victoria’s Secret and the BEST gift I received…My car fixed (:

Some of you know, my blazer is ancient AND we bought it used. When my hubby got a new car he asked if I wanted a new car or just keep mine.
I chose to keep the blazer because even though it has some mechanical problems, it has been very trusty…kinda like an old dog lol.

Also, the only things wrong with the blazer are, the muffler & catalytic converter needed replaced (the muffler would swell shut and cause the fumes to push back through the catalytic converter which caused backfiring and other problems), a belt needs replaced and I need a tune-up. Total of $500 if I went to the most expensive mechanic out there, which I would prefer to spend over a $3,000 new car.

So this morning, hubby followed me to the “car doctor” so I could drop old trusty off. They gave it a quick look over and told us that I will have to take my car to a different mechanic because they are only a muffler shop (which was recommended by my step-dad) and they don’t have the tools or knowledge to do the tune-up.

That alone made me feel happy that they were honest with me about not being able to fix certain things. I live in a Military town and there aren’t many places that are trustworthy because they know they can get away with almost anything & make a quick buck.

So I left old trusty with the “car doctors”….

They called when they were done fixing the muffler and catalytic converter. So, a little worried that it wouldn’t make a huge difference, I went and payed (cheaper than I thought it would be) and drove it home.

I started up the engine and it started right up! I noticed instantly that there was NO rattling or loud noises coming from the muffler-yayyyyy!!! 😀

insert happy dance here

When I drove it home (about 5 blocks from my house) I noticed the drive was sooooooo smooth. It use to jerk and sputter. NOTHING this time!!!

I still need a tune-up and will make an appointment tomorrow morning but I am sooo happy that my car is fixed (:

This day will be the day that I was given a gift that will keep on giving…as long as something horrible doesn’t happen to my trusty blazer lol (:


So I had to make a quick stop and fold laundry…It is almost Little Man’s nap time, so while I’m foldig the towels, he grabs his monkey bath towel and curls up on the couch with his juice and lays down (:
Being a mommy is so rewarding and so much fun. Even during all the not so fun times ❤

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The Smelly Kid

Today we went shopping at Ulta and Maurices.

I was able to find really good clearance items! I bought 2 pumice stones, 2 candy cane scented lotions and an eye pencil for $2.50! If I would have paid full price it would have been $19 for everything!
My mother-in-law found cute clothes for like 75% off at Maurices! She got me an adorable top for less than $8!

The giveaway for my shopping trip the other day ended. I have emailed the winner and she has responded!
If I would have paid full price for everything I would have spent $78.54, I saved $45.99 and I spent $32.55
On sale savings were $44.99 and I had a $1 coupon.


The title of my blog is based on this next topic…my son was the smelly kid today….
So we took Little Man to Zoomerang again today. And oh my he had a blast! He slid down the slide with his Gam Gam and he played with the big kids on the bounce houses.
My son was in the Tweety bounce house and pooped (don’t worry he’s still in diapers lol). So my hubby went to the car to get the diaper bag. Well, I just let little man keep bouncing until the diaper bag arrived. 2 little kids entered the bounce house and were jumping with my son. The little boy stopped bouncing and walked up to his sister (they looked exactly alike) and whispered to her that he thinks my son pooped (LOL). He kept bouncing and sniffing…and sniffing (LOL).
Then hubby came with the diaper bag so I tried to get little man out of the bounce house but he wouldn’t budge.
So I asked the little girl to grab his hand and try to get him out. He wasn’t listening to her so I gave her permission to pull him out. She then grabbed my son’s arm and dragged him across the bounce house floor!!! I laughed so hard I almost wet myself!!! My son was laughing and the look on his face was priceless.

Last but not least. IT SNOWED IN TEXAS TODAY!! Actually, it’s still snowing!
The snow isn’t sticking, but it is falling like crazy (:
My mother-in-law was a little disappointed because she’s visiting from Alaska and she has had FEET of snow.
But she is heading to Florida after this for a few days with her husband. I hear the weather there is in the 80’s so she will have a nice warm vacation after all.

I hope everyone has a warm and relaxing evening. I have to take my mother-in-law to the airport tomorrow and have to catch up on some laundry but as always will be available for any questions or comments you may have!

Another Long Pointless Day

Today, my brother-in-law left to Nevada to start a new chapter in his life.

His flight left at 2:10pm, we (me, BIL, MIL) left at 11am. It takes on average an hour to an hour and a half to get to the airport from my house. That being said, we should have made it to the airport by 12:30 at the latest…WRONG!

We ended up stopping to grab lunch and hit HORRIBLE traffic in 2 different areas! One are was so bad, we sat for about 30 minutes in construction traffic. So, while sitting in traffic, his plane is boarding…

When we finally got out of traffic we had called and tried to change his plane ticket…no luck! The ticket booker said there were no other tickets available today unless he upgraded to First Class. For $1,300!! Ugh, heck no!

So we get to the airport and go to the front desk to see if there is anything they can do to help us. We spent close to an hour trying to find a new flight time.

After no luck with Delta Airlines, we go to Southwest airlines and they finally are able to maneuver some seats and are able to get him a ticket for $200 nonstop to Nevada. Good news!! Bad news, he has to wait for 4 hours at the airport! But we took it. There were no other flights for ANY airline for 4 days, unless he paid the $1,300 for First Class.

Tomorrow we are celebrating my mother’s birthday. So my mother-in-law, who is from Alaska, brought us this AMAZING fresh Alaskan Salmon. So we are having Salmon, Shrimp Alfredo and salad. Yum! But all this will happen after we take Little Man to Zoomerang.

Then, Monday morning we will take my mother-in-law to the airport so she can go back home.
I love all my family and friends but I am so very ready to have my house back to just me, hubby and little man.

Next month I will be going to Arizona to see family so will be out for a few days. I will probably be able to get a few posts in…and maybe not.
It’s my Spring Break vacation and I totally deserve it!

Which brings me to my next topic for the night…a home remedy for cellulite!
I haven’t tried it yet, but I am going to start tomorrow.

What you need is 4tbsps of USED coffee grounds and 2tsp of Olive Oil. You blend the 2 ingredients together until it is a paste. Then while in the shower you generously rub in an upward motion the paste on your cellulite areas. I will be doing this on my thighs and keeping you all updated on it. So I will post pictures. I have no intentions of posting anything other than my problem area, but if you feel it is too inappropriate to look at. I will definitely post at the beginning of each blog post that there are leg pictures, so you will know ahead of time.

Anyways, please don’t forget to enter my giveaway on my previous post. It ends tomorrow at 12 noon EST.

Have a good night everyone and I will talk to you all tomorrow. I will also have tons of pictures as we are HUGE birthday people (:

A Day of Pampering & Shopping

First off, I hope you all had a wonderful day!

As most of you know, the hubby treated my mom, mother-in-law and myself to a nice day of pampering (:
I got my haircut. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted so I just told the hairstylist not too short but not too long.

She gave me this cute bob (:
Well, if I had it styled it would be cute!

Then we went to get our nails done. I got french tips and some pink toes for Valentine’s Day (:

While I was out, I stopped at HEB. If you have an HEB near you (Texas residents only), you should check out the make-up section!
I found tons of cosmetics for 50%-75% off!!!

Which brings me to my next random topic…
If you can guess how much I spent on all this you will get some Mama Love (:
Or if you can guess how much I saved, you will also get some Mama Love!

If there is a correct guess for both, I will give 2 prizes. But, if no one guess correctly, I will give only 1 prize to whoever guessed the closest to the price I spent.

I will give until 12 (noon) EST on Sunday, Feb. 12th!
And remember, sharing is GOOD!! (:


Well, again I will be off most of the day tomorrow. We are taking my brother-in-law to the airport then taking little man to Zoomerang so his Gam Gam (my mother-in-law) can have one more play day with him before she leaves too.

Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls <3

You can use cinnamon rolls or orange danish rolls, which is what we’re using. They’re our favorite breakfast food and I personally think they’re a little more tasty than cinnamon rolls.

Anyways, start with your roll of rolls (lol). Open the can and un-roll the danish rolls so they’re little strips instead of circles.

After unraveling the roll, determine where the middle is and make a kink in that spot. After, roll both ends inwards to make a heart shape.

Place heart shaped rolls into a dish and bake as directed on package. My container came with 8 rolls, I only put 6 on my tray because they do expand and I wanted to be able to remove them easily.
Mine baked at 375* for 18-22 minutes.

While they were baking, I opened the frosting pouch that came with the rolls. I poured the frosting into a bowl and added about 7 drops of red food coloring. I added so much because my frosting (which is orange flavoring) has an orange tint to it. If you are using regular cinnamon rolls you probably won’t need as much red food coloring. Mix well!

After 20 minutes of impatiently waiting, the timer finally went off! Make sure to let them cool a bit before handling as they will be VERY hot!

After cooling for about 5 minutes I frosted the hearts.

And now a close up (:

If you make some PLEASE share pics!!!! You can send them to my email angela.myownlittleworld@gmail.com
Or upload them on Facebook and tag me, I will add them to my “fan” album (:

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