Ah, the time of year everyone is anxiously waiting for. Tax season.

Every year-mid January, I sit down and look over bank statements and receipts from the following holiday season (from October to New Years) and every year I thank my lucky stars that it’s tax season.

The average American family spends between $700 and $900 on Christmas ALONE!

This year, we are having Jackson Hewitt do our taxes for us.
Mostly, the commercial they have made up my mind for me.

Oh man, makes me laugh every time!

The other reason we chose Jackson Hewitt, is because they will check to see what your ESTIMATED refund will be, for FREE!
That’s right, and no appointment needed! You can walk in whenever it’s most convenient for you.
Most locations are open 9am to 9pm. So even if you work till 5pm, you can go home, eat, shower, gather all your tax info and still make it there before they close. Your Jackson Hewitt tax pro can also provide you with information about the various products and services available this year.

Jackson Hewitt also offers an “at home” option. File in the privacy of your own home while using your own computer.

Free Accuracy Guarantee – it’s our Basic Guarantee

All paid Jackson Hewitt tax returns come with our Accuracy Guarantee as a part of your FREE Basic Guarantee coverage. This entitles you to reimbursement of penalties and interest charged by a taxing authority if a Jackson Hewitt tax preparer makes a mistake completing your return.  

For an additional fee, you can buy the Gold Guarantee®, and get extra, worry-free coverage.** If you are covered under the Gold Guarantee and a taxing authority notifies you of an error on your return, just contact Jackson Hewitt. After you present your Gold Guarantee certificate, we’ll work with you to resolve the issue. The Gold Guarantee may provide you with a reimbursement of any additional tax liability or reduction in your refund amount up to $5,000. All of this coverage is in addition to your coverage under the Basic Guarantee included with every paid tax preparation. 

Ask your tax preparer for a copy of the “Commitment to Quality” brochure that explains the terms and conditions of the guarantee. -quoted off http://www.jacksonhewitt.com

To see other perks Jackson Hewitt has this year, including free apps for your phone; please visit http://www.jacksonhewitt.com/


Here’s one more for the road.


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