Dad and I decided to take Little Man to Zoomerang (formerly known as Wazoos).
When we took Little Man to the doctors last week for a rash (diagnosed as excema) the doctor went on to tell us how advanced she thinks he is. She said she felt he would do very well with the 2 year old group at a tumbling class or something.

So, that’s when we decided to take him to Zoomerang for the day.
Zoomerang is an inflatable center for children ages 10 and under.

When you first walk in you see HUGE inflatables everywhere! There were at least 5 large inflatables in the main play area and then off to the side was another medium sized one.

The prices are VERY fair. Children 18 months and up are only $8.25 for all day play (come and go as you please!). Parents and children under 18 months are free. So, with Little Man being only 16 months, our first trip was free!

Going in to the play area made me nervous as the children seemed so big compared to little man. I didn’t want them to hurt him.
Then, the light I was looking for; a “toddler room” only children 3 years and under are allowed in this room.

The room consisted of childproof gates and latches, a crab themed bounce house, a play house, large soft blocks, a changing table and more toys!

After playing for about 30 minutes in the Toddler Room, dad got bored and decided to take little man to the main play area.

We have a trampoline for little man, and he loves loves bouncing on it, so I knew he would love the bounce houses.

I was wrong though, he was more interested in just running around the room. Dad helped him into every bounce house and little man would climb out and go running. So dad took him to the mega slide. This slide was the height of the building and has 2 slides large enough to lay me sideways and slide down comfortably. I think it was supposed to be a shark.

His first time down he went with his Uncle.

Then, he slid down by himself! His look was priceless, but we were unable to capture it on camera 😦

Little Man then went back to play in the toddler room for a while.
He played house, took a ride on a magical swan, went fishing in a red canoe and made new friends!



Not only did Little Man have a good time but dad and I had a blast too!
We will definitely be going again. I do encourage everyone with children in the Central Texas area to take your child to Zoomerang. Even if I had to pay the $8.25, it would have been worth it, because the nap that followed was priceless!

4006 E Stan Schlueter Loop  Killeen, TX 76541


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