As most of you know, we are a military family and have military health insurance. We are seen on the Army base next to our home. There are doctors that are troops in the Army and doctors that are not in the Army. When you are given health insurance from the military, they give you a clinic and a doctor to see. Well, if you have to see the doctor on short notice, you may not get the chance to see your given doctor because he/she may be full that day. So you don’t always see the same doctor as if you were to pick a clinic off the military base that has less patients.


Today, we took Little Man to the doctors because he has had a gnarly cough and super runny nose for 3 days.
With Hubby having strep-throat and me having tonsilitis, I wanted to make sure he wasn’t catching some awful combination of the two.

After staying up all night with him, spending 10 minutes to find parking, parking where there are no parking lines (which I didn’t care if I got a ticket at that point or not), having them make me wait to check in and having to chase Little Man all over the pediatric clinic we finally got called back.

We saw the nurse, she weighed him, took him temp & got his height.
Then we waited another 15 minutes before the doctor could see us.

Finally, the doctor walked in and gave Little Man a quick once over. She pointed out his excema and asked why we were there. I told her why, which she should already know since I have to give a reason to be seen when making the doctors appointment.
ANYWAYS, she heard him cough, looked at his nose and listened to his breathing.

The next part I am typing is what she said exactly. What she said is in bold lettering, what I said is not bold.
When she was finished giving up another look over,

“Did the other doctor tell you that excema is an allergic reaction to something”
“Really? Well, yes it is. And his cough is nothing more than part of his allergy.”
“So, is it a food allergy or what?”
“Oh, it could be a number of things he’s allergic to. The weather, an animal or food. Try giving him Benadryl and using Saline Solution. If the Benadryl doesn’t make a difference then don’t worry about using it. But give him some Tylenol. Think of it like this, if you were feeling crappy, you would take Tylenol or something, right? But, don’t give it to him if he’s running around and acting fine.”

Then, she gets up and says have a good day and leaves.


My poor baby has been coughing so hard it’s making him throw up. He didn’t eat any dinner and went to bed at 6:30-by himself!!!
Little Man is 16 months old, I don’t know any 16 month old children that walk themselves to their room and lay down in bed.
So, I guess we will see what happens tomorrow. I am a little frustrated with her short-manner.
And to top it off, I caught his cough last night staying up with his “allergy”. Maybe I should go to the doctors, get “diagnosed” and then I will know what’s wrong with Little Man.


Dad and I have talked about taking switching Little Man’s health insurance so he can see an off post provider. He will still have health insurance through the Army, but it will be a different kind. We will have to pay co-pays, but if the doctor can fix my child the first time he is seen, then it won’t be a big deal.
This is also not the first time I have dealt with an issue like this through this clinic. Nor the first time I have had to switch his pediatrician.
I am between a rock and a hard spot right now, but mostly angry that they don’t care enough to give my family the time we deserve.
Has anyone dealt with anything similar? Weather it’s through the Military or a different health insurance company.


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  1. Katy Martuscelli says:

    When my husband was in the army and Khloi was going to the on post clinic I had issues with them. The doctor didn’t know what she was talking about telling me it was ok to give my 2 weeks old food. Come to find out they had the wrong records. We switched her to the Killeen Pediactric Care Clinic by metroplex didn’t have to pay a co payment at all and their very through. Just resently I thought she might b coming down with a little cold I called and got in the same day. We were able to keep them when switching insurances now that we don’t have tricare. Also scot and white is really good never had an issue with them. Hope your able to find and better doctor and your baby boy gets better.

  2. Thanks for popping over to our weekend gathering hops, now following you hoping you can follow me back at thanks in advance, hope to see you next week xx

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