I will allow comments on this poll as long as they don’t get out of hand.
This is a pretty controversial topic and I don’t want any hurt feelings or negative words to anyone.
Remember every child learns differently, which means they also discipline different.
As long as the flat hand on a bottom doesn’t turn into a closed fist to the face, it has been proven to be an effective form of discipline.

Now, VOTE!!!



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  1. Hubby says:

    Spanking is and has always been a controversial method of punishment but unfortunately each human being has the right to an opinion which more times than not becomes law at the end of the louder crowds larger and longer lobbying SO…I was spanked, I was reprimanded verbally, I was punished emotionally (I.e. “son were very disappointed in your actions”) as well as spiritually (I reprinted bible verses directly related to my adverse action)
    With that said I think I over qualify regarding an opinionated response and I CHOOSE spanking as a portion of my child’s development.
    And use your heads folks, if your kids out of control enough to warrant punching, your child needs additional help your parenting appropriations are limited in providing legally so GOOGLE WHATS NEXT?! And if you choose a closed fist and know damn good and well better judgement says YOUR the one that’s needs additional help, GET IT don’t take it out on him/her, anger management is a good investment for those who need it.

    “always remember good gets good, bad gets NOTHING!” -A wise mom & dad

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