I have a special offer for you all today!

Remember this morning when I asked you all to go vote for me to become the chosen blogger for Nature’s Sleep‘s mattress review?
WELLLLLL…..I have a special discount code for you all!!!

This code offers YOU 50% off ANYTHING at Nature’s Sleep!!! Yes, you read that right, 50% off ANYTHING in their online store!


About Nature’s Sleep:

“Nature’s Sleep’s mission is to provide everybody the opportunity to enjoy a better night’s sleep at affordable prices, while maintaining a concern for our environment.”

“All of our products are designed with the highest concerns for health and hygiene and we are committed to providing comfort that is safe for you and safe for the environment.”


They have items as low as $35 + Free Shipping (when coupon code is added)!
All prices include tax, all orders ship within 1-2 days and most are approved for FREE SHIPPING!!!

The code is BEARS50

So, head on over and see what you can find! CLICK HERE to start shopping!

I just ordered a Visco Memory Contour Pillow. They say it works great for snoring-maybe dad won’t snore &  this mama will be able to get a good night’s sleep (:


To say ‘thank you’ to Nature’s Sleep (click the blue lettering),
“LIKE” them on Facebook
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Or link up with them on LinkedIn


*Note* There is no expire date for this code as of yet. However, I recommend you place your order as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on this AMAZING deal!


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  1. Hubby says:

    Well little momma you struck paydirt! What red blooded American wouldn’t in their right mind see that there is a WANT standing strong in One hand an that NEED pridefully standing strong knowing some things you just NEED. My wife bought me an expensive brand pillow to help with my sleep apnea I got back in Iraq and I snore, stop breathing, cough, wake with sore SORE throats etc etc list goes on and this pillow she’s ordered for me
    Is a win..win..win as I see it; I sleep more sound, I allow my spouse the ability to sleep finally though the night as well, it’s creating a healthier way of life and rhythm (proven) and its 50
    % off ALL ITEMS in their online store


    Worth a try! I’m going to! As a spouse with a wife who has now bounded into this newfound glory blog I support it and her financially, mentally, emotionally etc! And I trust her purchase, 50% off or not! And her and my requires stand strong with my service connected trials regarding my decorated military service background and some products we are pushing to pop up In regards to helping wounded warrioirs an vets were all trying to help this jump off and would appreciate all your comments and inquiries! Me, Army, medically retired combat veteran corporal lee is trying out these things if they benefit and support us and our battle buddies! Hoohah troop!

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