Today was one of the most frustrating days EVER!

I wake up and get Little Man from his room. I see someone left the cat in his room since there is cat poo on his floor-UGH!

So, clean it up, get Little Man’s diaper changed and start breakfast. I made scrambled eggs, biscuits and sausages. YUMMY!

Go in to wake up the hubster for breakfast and I see the dog threw up all over our room-ARUGH!

Take hubby to work (we are a one car family at this time) and get home to find pest control outside. They aren’t supposed to be here till after lunch (1:00pm) and it’s only 11am. So I ask them to leave so I can get my brother-in-law up (he’s visiting until next weekend), get myself and Little Man showered and the cabinets emptied (we get bug treatments done once a month to keep the little buggers OUT.)

Then, my hubster calls me and asks to pick him up early because they are super slow and don’t need him.

Get home and he decides he needs to go to the ER because of a tooth that needs pulled. So after making a dental appointment the roof man shows up (we have a leaky ceiling). Get hubby to the ER and make it back in time to see pest control outside the house.

So, I run inside to empty the cabinets and drop my phone on the far end of my kitchen. I am in such a rush I don’t think twice about it and just continue with emptying the cabinets.

When I’m finally done, I go back for my phone and realize my battery isn’t there. So, I search my ENTIRE kitchen, nothing. I have my brother-in-law search my ENTIRE kitchen, nothing. Then, after 2 failed attempts I ask the pest control guys to look (yes I was that desperate). I wait outside until they are done spraying to see if they found it. AGAIN WE FAILED!! Where in the world is my phone battery???? I told the bug guys that if there is a bug inside my house and it took my phone’s battery, they are buying a new one since it’s their job to keep the darn things out, I’m kidding of course, and they agree (:

Well we leave since it’s poison they sprayed and Little Man is too young to be around the spray for the first 2 hours. So while the roofer is fixing the roof in our room, we go to Target (remember, hubby is still at the ER).

We leave Target in a failed attempt to get FREE Iams cat food and dog food. Who knew they would sell out of EVERY trial sized bag of Iams dog food and cat food, in one day?

Hubby calls and is done in the ER, so I go back to get him and we go to Walmart to get his prescriptions filled and a few grocery items we need.

When we are ready to check out, I drop hubby’s Snapple on the ground and it breaks. There was sticky juice all over me and all over the floor, along with glass. Get home at 5:30 and we look some more for my phone’s battery…NO LUCK!

I sat there and went through a list in my head;

-under the fridge-check
-under the washer  & dryer-check
-in the pantry cabinet-check
-between cabinets and appliances-check
-under the kitchen island-check

Well, then hubby says “why don’t I lift up the island and you look under there.”
I’m positive it’s not under there because there is no area high enough off the ground for it to fit, but we look anyways…


Who knew my husband, the person that can’t find underwear in his underwear drawer, would be the one to find my phone’s battery?

So, after over 4 hours of no phone, I guess it was a good ending to a frustrating day…I am very much ready for bed though.


I know this was a little boring for most of you, but I felt like sharing my day with someone. Even though it’s just another day in my life.


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  1. Hubby says:

    Haha, oh lovebug! What a day indeed it was…what a day ; )

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