I have a close friend (we’ll call her Stacy) that is having an issue with her mom (we’ll call her grandma). Stacy and her husband (we’ll call him Dave) have decided certain “rules” for their son (we’ll call him Josh), as does any mom and dad.

Well, grandma is living with Stacy, Dave and Josh.

One rule Stacy and Dave have for Josh is that he isn’t allowed to have ANY type of sugar after 7pm (Josh is the same age as my little man, 16 months). They have decided to make this rule because if Josh has sugar after 7pm then he doesn’t go to sleep until really late and Stacy and Dave end up staying up with him until he finally goes to sleep.

Well, grandma thinks that Josh isn’t getting enough candy and he should have more! So, even after Stacy and Dave’s request to not feed Josh candy, she still does. She has even resulted to sneaking it to him while they’re in her room!!

“Every parent knows what’s best for THEIR child”

I understand that it’s a grandparent’s job to spoil their grandbaby, but I think the grandparents should still follow certain requests made by the parents. I also think that when the grandparents are living with their family they don’t get the “spoil” option as often as grandparents that live outside of the home, because it still comes down to mom and dad taking care of the baby when the sugar rush kicks in.

Have you ever gone through anything similar? How did you draw the line and make grandma listen?

Comments and opinions are highly welcome as the mom and dad really need some help!


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  2. I am a new follower too, coming from the Alexa hop! When I read this is brought back memories of fighting with my MIL, she lived with us too. She would do things we would ask her not to do over and over. Unfortunately the only way to really make sure it does not happen is to not let their child around her after 7pm. They can even tell her that she will no longer be left alone with the baby after 7pm because they cannot trust her. Or they can hand him off on her and go to bed! But I doubt they want to do the later. Once she is no longer allowed to have the baby alone with her after 7pm then maybe she will realize it. Also if this is her MIL then I would have the son tell his mother with his wife being quiet the entire time, sometimes MIL’s think it’s the wife’s idea and not their own sons. Sorry to leave you a book, lol.

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