You can use cinnamon rolls or orange danish rolls, which is what we’re using. They’re our favorite breakfast food and I personally think they’re a little more tasty than cinnamon rolls.

Anyways, start with your roll of rolls (lol). Open the can and un-roll the danish rolls so they’re little strips instead of circles.

After unraveling the roll, determine where the middle is and make a kink in that spot. After, roll both ends inwards to make a heart shape.

Place heart shaped rolls into a dish and bake as directed on package. My container came with 8 rolls, I only put 6 on my tray because they do expand and I wanted to be able to remove them easily.
Mine baked at 375* for 18-22 minutes.

While they were baking, I opened the frosting pouch that came with the rolls. I poured the frosting into a bowl and added about 7 drops of red food coloring. I added so much because my frosting (which is orange flavoring) has an orange tint to it. If you are using regular cinnamon rolls you probably won’t need as much red food coloring. Mix well!

After 20 minutes of impatiently waiting, the timer finally went off! Make sure to let them cool a bit before handling as they will be VERY hot!

After cooling for about 5 minutes I frosted the hearts.

And now a close up (:

If you make some PLEASE share pics!!!! You can send them to my email
Or upload them on Facebook and tag me, I will add them to my “fan” album (:


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  1. Hubby says:

    My wife is amazing : )

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