Today, my brother-in-law left to Nevada to start a new chapter in his life.

His flight left at 2:10pm, we (me, BIL, MIL) left at 11am. It takes on average an hour to an hour and a half to get to the airport from my house. That being said, we should have made it to the airport by 12:30 at the latest…WRONG!

We ended up stopping to grab lunch and hit HORRIBLE traffic in 2 different areas! One are was so bad, we sat for about 30 minutes in construction traffic. So, while sitting in traffic, his plane is boarding…

When we finally got out of traffic we had called and tried to change his plane ticket…no luck! The ticket booker said there were no other tickets available today unless he upgraded to First Class. For $1,300!! Ugh, heck no!

So we get to the airport and go to the front desk to see if there is anything they can do to help us. We spent close to an hour trying to find a new flight time.

After no luck with Delta Airlines, we go to Southwest airlines and they finally are able to maneuver some seats and are able to get him a ticket for $200 nonstop to Nevada. Good news!! Bad news, he has to wait for 4 hours at the airport! But we took it. There were no other flights for ANY airline for 4 days, unless he paid the $1,300 for First Class.

Tomorrow we are celebrating my mother’s birthday. So my mother-in-law, who is from Alaska, brought us this AMAZING fresh Alaskan Salmon. So we are having Salmon, Shrimp Alfredo and salad. Yum! But all this will happen after we take Little Man to Zoomerang.

Then, Monday morning we will take my mother-in-law to the airport so she can go back home.
I love all my family and friends but I am so very ready to have my house back to just me, hubby and little man.

Next month I will be going to Arizona to see family so will be out for a few days. I will probably be able to get a few posts in…and maybe not.
It’s my Spring Break vacation and I totally deserve it!

Which brings me to my next topic for the night…a home remedy for cellulite!
I haven’t tried it yet, but I am going to start tomorrow.

What you need is 4tbsps of USED coffee grounds and 2tsp of Olive Oil. You blend the 2 ingredients together until it is a paste. Then while in the shower you generously rub in an upward motion the paste on your cellulite areas. I will be doing this on my thighs and keeping you all updated on it. So I will post pictures. I have no intentions of posting anything other than my problem area, but if you feel it is too inappropriate to look at. I will definitely post at the beginning of each blog post that there are leg pictures, so you will know ahead of time.

Anyways, please don’t forget to enter my giveaway on my previous post. It ends tomorrow at 12 noon EST.

Have a good night everyone and I will talk to you all tomorrow. I will also have tons of pictures as we are HUGE birthday people (:


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