Today is Valentine’s Day, a day that my husband gets to spend Godly amounts of money on cheap chocolate that sits in the fridge and teddy bears that end up in  my son’s closet.

This year was a little different. He bought me a new stand mixer (we had an unfortunate event with my Kitchen-Aide one), a cute outfit from Victoria’s Secret and the BEST gift I received…My car fixed (:

Some of you know, my blazer is ancient AND we bought it used. When my hubby got a new car he asked if I wanted a new car or just keep mine.
I chose to keep the blazer because even though it has some mechanical problems, it has been very trusty…kinda like an old dog lol.

Also, the only things wrong with the blazer are, the muffler & catalytic converter needed replaced (the muffler would swell shut and cause the fumes to push back through the catalytic converter which caused backfiring and other problems), a belt needs replaced and I need a tune-up. Total of $500 if I went to the most expensive mechanic out there, which I would prefer to spend over a $3,000 new car.

So this morning, hubby followed me to the “car doctor” so I could drop old trusty off. They gave it a quick look over and told us that I will have to take my car to a different mechanic because they are only a muffler shop (which was recommended by my step-dad) and they don’t have the tools or knowledge to do the tune-up.

That alone made me feel happy that they were honest with me about not being able to fix certain things. I live in a Military town and there aren’t many places that are trustworthy because they know they can get away with almost anything & make a quick buck.

So I left old trusty with the “car doctors”….

They called when they were done fixing the muffler and catalytic converter. So, a little worried that it wouldn’t make a huge difference, I went and payed (cheaper than I thought it would be) and drove it home.

I started up the engine and it started right up! I noticed instantly that there was NO rattling or loud noises coming from the muffler-yayyyyy!!! 😀

insert happy dance here

When I drove it home (about 5 blocks from my house) I noticed the drive was sooooooo smooth. It use to jerk and sputter. NOTHING this time!!!

I still need a tune-up and will make an appointment tomorrow morning but I am sooo happy that my car is fixed (:

This day will be the day that I was given a gift that will keep on giving…as long as something horrible doesn’t happen to my trusty blazer lol (:


So I had to make a quick stop and fold laundry…It is almost Little Man’s nap time, so while I’m foldig the towels, he grabs his monkey bath towel and curls up on the couch with his juice and lays down (:
Being a mommy is so rewarding and so much fun. Even during all the not so fun times ❤


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