How To Draw The Line?

I have a close friend (we’ll call her Stacy) that is having an issue with her mom (we’ll call her grandma). Stacy and her husband (we’ll call him Dave) have decided certain “rules” for their son (we’ll call him Josh), as does any mom and dad.

Well, grandma is living with Stacy, Dave and Josh.

One rule Stacy and Dave have for Josh is that he isn’t allowed to have ANY type of sugar after 7pm (Josh is the same age as my little man, 16 months). They have decided to make this rule because if Josh has sugar after 7pm then he doesn’t go to sleep until really late and Stacy and Dave end up staying up with him until he finally goes to sleep.

Well, grandma thinks that Josh isn’t getting enough candy and he should have more! So, even after Stacy and Dave’s request to not feed Josh candy, she still does. She has even resulted to sneaking it to him while they’re in her room!!

“Every parent knows what’s best for THEIR child”

I understand that it’s a grandparent’s job to spoil their grandbaby, but I think the grandparents should still follow certain requests made by the parents. I also think that when the grandparents are living with their family they don’t get the “spoil” option as often as grandparents that live outside of the home, because it still comes down to mom and dad taking care of the baby when the sugar rush kicks in.

Have you ever gone through anything similar? How did you draw the line and make grandma listen?

Comments and opinions are highly welcome as the mom and dad really need some help!

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Our New Car

I am so stoked today!


Whew, now that I have shouted it from the rooftops, I can calmly type lol!

We have been married for 4 years March 14th. When we got married we only had my truck. Which wasn’t a problem since it was only my husband and I. He was in the Army at that time and I was a homemaker.

Then 3 months later, when my husband was in Iraq, my mom borrowed my truck for the night because both of her cars had a flat tire (freaky I know, I swear it was a sign). By that time I was working on the military base as a waitress at the golf course. She got in a horrible accident that involved a slightly intoxicated teenager driving a jeep and a cow (yes, really a cow).
Needless to say, the cow and jeep won. My truck was totaled ):

I was living with my mom at that time because the hubby was gone and I wasn’t going to live alone. I would have probably ended up staying at her house anyways.

Anyways, back to the story lol.

So after long hours crying (over both my mom and my truck) my mom came up with the idea to “rent” one of her cars! Brilliant!!! She would charge me a very small one-time fee and all I have to do is pay for my gas (duh) and car insurance.

We used that car for many months. Well, when hubby got back from Iraq he purchased a Toyota MR2. After a few months of both vehicles, hubby decided he wanted to switch his Toyota for something else (I don’t remember what it was). Well, when we got the other car it was time to give the car back to my mom.

Since 2009 we have had 1 car.

Sorry, to bore you all. I am just so happy and have to share with someone (:

Mama has a maid!

So I’m sitting on the couch playing on my phone and I see little man get up and walk off. I look at the floor and see that he spilled milk on the carpet. So I get up and go into the kitchen to grab some paper towels and I see little man yanking at the paper towel roll!! I was so angry and shocked at first I just stood there with my mouth open.

What happened next REALLY shocked me…

Little man walked past me with the paper towels into the living room where the milk was, and started cleaning it up!!

Then after cleaning up the milk, he played with the paper towels for a few minutes. I was so proud of him for cleaning up that I didn’t care he was playing with the trash lol!


Then, like a good boy, he took the paper towels to the trashcan and threw them away! (:
So today I put him to work! I had him dust the house (where he could safely reach) and clean his high chair after lunch and dinner.

He seems very happy being a “big boy” and I am super happy that I have a new little helper.

Weekend Blog Hop!!!!

What is a blog hop?

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My lost battery

Today was one of the most frustrating days EVER!

I wake up and get Little Man from his room. I see someone left the cat in his room since there is cat poo on his floor-UGH!

So, clean it up, get Little Man’s diaper changed and start breakfast. I made scrambled eggs, biscuits and sausages. YUMMY!

Go in to wake up the hubster for breakfast and I see the dog threw up all over our room-ARUGH!

Take hubby to work (we are a one car family at this time) and get home to find pest control outside. They aren’t supposed to be here till after lunch (1:00pm) and it’s only 11am. So I ask them to leave so I can get my brother-in-law up (he’s visiting until next weekend), get myself and Little Man showered and the cabinets emptied (we get bug treatments done once a month to keep the little buggers OUT.)

Then, my hubster calls me and asks to pick him up early because they are super slow and don’t need him.

Get home and he decides he needs to go to the ER because of a tooth that needs pulled. So after making a dental appointment the roof man shows up (we have a leaky ceiling). Get hubby to the ER and make it back in time to see pest control outside the house.

So, I run inside to empty the cabinets and drop my phone on the far end of my kitchen. I am in such a rush I don’t think twice about it and just continue with emptying the cabinets.

When I’m finally done, I go back for my phone and realize my battery isn’t there. So, I search my ENTIRE kitchen, nothing. I have my brother-in-law search my ENTIRE kitchen, nothing. Then, after 2 failed attempts I ask the pest control guys to look (yes I was that desperate). I wait outside until they are done spraying to see if they found it. AGAIN WE FAILED!! Where in the world is my phone battery???? I told the bug guys that if there is a bug inside my house and it took my phone’s battery, they are buying a new one since it’s their job to keep the darn things out, I’m kidding of course, and they agree (:

Well we leave since it’s poison they sprayed and Little Man is too young to be around the spray for the first 2 hours. So while the roofer is fixing the roof in our room, we go to Target (remember, hubby is still at the ER).

We leave Target in a failed attempt to get FREE Iams cat food and dog food. Who knew they would sell out of EVERY trial sized bag of Iams dog food and cat food, in one day?

Hubby calls and is done in the ER, so I go back to get him and we go to Walmart to get his prescriptions filled and a few grocery items we need.

When we are ready to check out, I drop hubby’s Snapple on the ground and it breaks. There was sticky juice all over me and all over the floor, along with glass. Get home at 5:30 and we look some more for my phone’s battery…NO LUCK!

I sat there and went through a list in my head;

-under the fridge-check
-under the washer  & dryer-check
-in the pantry cabinet-check
-between cabinets and appliances-check
-under the kitchen island-check

Well, then hubby says “why don’t I lift up the island and you look under there.”
I’m positive it’s not under there because there is no area high enough off the ground for it to fit, but we look anyways…


Who knew my husband, the person that can’t find underwear in his underwear drawer, would be the one to find my phone’s battery?

So, after over 4 hours of no phone, I guess it was a good ending to a frustrating day…I am very much ready for bed though.


I know this was a little boring for most of you, but I felt like sharing my day with someone. Even though it’s just another day in my life.

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My Own Domain?

Lately I have been thinking of transferring my blog to my own domain. The more I think of it, the more I like it.
One problem, I don’t know the first thing about designing my own webpage. I am also worried about losing my old posts and losing all my subscribers.

I enjoy WordPress and they have worked great for starting out, but I am ready to spread my wings (lol).

I have done some research on how to transfer blogs but I am still not seeing the answer I want. It seems easy enough to choose your domain name (which I have) and pay for it (great prices when you search around).

Hm…just a few thoughts I’m having and wanted to ask all my followers your opinion.
Feel free to add your thoughts and opinions! You, my readers, have the loudest voice.